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Why is it important to take part in AML World Awareness Day 2023? Reason one

March 10, 2023

We asked some of our Know AML Ambassadors, Charles Craddock and Anna Mamwell, why it is important to take part in AML World Awareness Day 2023. In response, they share their personal experiences of AML and the importance of AML World Awareness Day to them.

As a patient with AML, Anna reflects on the point where she came out of her treatment and looked for support; this is when she came across Know AML and AML World Awareness Day, which she describes as “such a turning point” in her life. From an expert's perspective, Charles describes how he thinks future progress will benefit from partnership with the pharmaceutical sector “to provide platforms that deliver accelerated assessment of these new drug transplant and cellular therapies.” He believes this approach will substantially improve the future outcomes of those living with AML.