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Know AML is the first global education and awareness initiative that provides patients and caregivers with the information, resources, and support they need to deal with acute myeloid leukemia. Find out more about the initiative >

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Caring for someone with AML

April 2, 2024


Dedicated to the memory of Valerie Fons.


Learn more about acute myeloid leukemia with our series of animations.


Find out more about acute myeloid leukemia below. Don't forget to fill out our new polls after reviewing our content.

What is acute myeloid leukemia?

Information about what happens to the body when acute myeloid leukemia develops.

Causes & symptoms

A summary of what to look out for and possible triggers that may cause acute myeloid leukemia.


The tests that are used to tell if acute myeloid leukemia is present.

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Would you like to learn more about nutrition, wellbeing, and psychological support, as well as movement and exercise? We've compiled a list of websites and resources to support you on your journey.

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Global Network

Our network comprises member organizations around the world, which provide support, information, and resources on acute myeloid leukemia. Find your local member organization.

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We regularly connect with healthcare professionals, patients, patient advocates, and caregivers to hear their views and experiences of acute myeloid leukemia. Do keep checking in for the latest interviews. Don't forget to fill out our new polls after reviewing our content.

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Hear from others about their experience of living with acute myeloid leukemia. Here you will find stories, which you can watch or read, about the journey of acute myeloid leukemia, from diagnosis to treatment and beyond. Please do contact us if you would like to share your story.

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We aim to share resources in a variety of formats to help support someone diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, as well as tools and content to be shared to raise awareness of acute myeloid leukemia. Explore our resources and do come back every so often as we will continue to upload new resources in multiple languages.

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