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What we do

Know AML is the first global education and awareness initiative that provides patients and caregivers with the information, resources, and support they need to deal with acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

Our Vision

Know AML aspires to facilitate and improve AML knowledge worldwide and develop community-based initiatives to overcome current and future challenges.

Our Mission

The mission of Know AML is to drive education and awareness of AML globally through community collaborations, while continuing to raise awareness of the resources and support currently available.

Our Strategy

Know AML have identified a number of activities that fall within three key areas: awareness, education, and engagement.

AML World Awareness Day and Blood Cancer Awareness Month remain our core awareness raising focal points, alongside other internationally recognized events targeting the healthcare community.

In 2021–2022, Know AML will continue to educate the patient and caregiver community on the latest treatment advances in AML. This will involve providing updates on what the healthcare and scientific community are talking about in the field of AML, including discussions on real-world evidence and survival information.

Know AML will also communicate, in patient-friendly formats, the terminology used by the healthcare and scientific community that is relevant to AML, so that patients and caregivers can understand and act on the information they receive.

In 2022–2023, Know AML will also start to examine broader quality of life issues, including supportive care, the relationship between mental health and AML, and exploring the patient journey.



Know AML was founded in partnership with CancerCare in 2017. CancerCare is the leading organization in North America that supports people through the challenges of cancer. CancerCare does this by providing free services, including case management, counseling, and support groups, alongside a wealth of resources and information to help patients and their friends and families cope with the many difficulties of living with cancer.

Scientific Education Support

Scientific Education Support

Know AML is brought to you by Scientific Education Support (SES). SES loves nothing more than building networks and working with communities to facilitate education through collaboration, ensuring that patients have access to the latest information, support, and treatment options. SES assists the ambassador group by handling the day-to-day running of the initiative, which includes content generation, everyday management, and keeping the Know AML website up to date.

Rare Diseases International

Know AML is proud to be connected with Rare Diseases International (RDI). RDI provides a strong common voice for persons living with a rare disease and their families around the world, covering all rare diseases. Know AML is a stakeholder of RDI and part of the RDI community.