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How has acute myeloid leukemia treatment for elderly people changed in 2021?

Tapan Kadia

September 21, 2021

During the Society of Hematologic Oncology (SOHO) 2021 Annual Meeting, Know AML spoke to Tapan M. Kadia, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, US. We asked, How has acute myeloid leukemia treatment in elderly people changed in 2021? Kadia outlines how lower intensity therapies, such as hypomethylating agents, compare to traditional chemotherapy in terms of toxicity and efficacy, as well as the VIALE-A trial, where venetoclax was shown to have significantly improved response rates and overall survival. Finally, Kadia explains the future of acute myeloid leukemia treatment, including stem cell transplants and genetic analysis, allowing treatment regimes to be best tailored to patients.