AML World Awareness Day 21 April 2019


Support & Resources for HCPs


The ELN recommendations for Diagnosis and Management of AML in adults were updated in 2017 in line with the WHO classifications. These recommendations provide useful direction for physicians treating AML.  The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines also provide up-to-date recommendations for diagnosis and treatment of AML, based on the latest clinical trial data. There is also a consensus document from the ELN MRD Working Party, which provides recommendations for the current and future use of MRD measurement and its application in clinical practice.

AML Global Portal

For further information, designed for HCPs, please visit the  AML Global Portal (AGP). The AGP is a global online resource (founded by the European LeukemiaNet (ELN) and led by an independent Steering Committee of 35 international experts) facilitating education through the sharing of the most up-to-date AML-related scientific research. The AGP also provides information on the latest and emerging treatment options in AML, key opinions from AML world leading experts, evidence-based experiences and scientific/medical congress coverage and information on the latest open clinical trials in AML.

Support for patients

Healthcare professionals may wish to support their patients and/or carers by providing easy to understand information on AML or may want to connect them to their local support group. Visit the support groups section of the Know AML website to connect patients with their local support group.