AML World Awareness Day 21 April 2019

World Awareness Day

Let's unite

On the 21 April, 2019 it's time to unite and mark AML World Awareness Day!

We are encouraging the AML community and the general public to participate in the official Know AML coordinated activities pre, during and post AML World Awareness Day. All activities are quick, easy and cost effective to implement – find out more below.

Getting involved

There are so many ways in which you can help raise the awareness of AML on the 21 April, 2019. We appreciate that everyone supporting AML World Awareness Day has different needs and priorities, so we have a selection of ways in which you can be involved and help mark the day.

Four ways to get involved:

1. Badge it

Social media is a powerful way to spread our message and raise the awareness of AML.

There are several ways you can ‘Badge It’ and show your support on social media:

  • Follow the official Know AML Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • Badge your social media page by updating your profile picture and banner
  • Wear your Know AML Pin Badge proudly on 21 April, 2019 and take a selfie photo
  • Share your Know AML Pin Badge selfies across social media using #KnowAML

Download materials

2. Wear It

Act by wearing RED & BLACK. Show your support by getting you, your friends, family, and colleagues to wear RED & BLACK on 21 April, 2019.

Everyone is encouraged to share their activities, so if you could film or photograph yourself wearing red and black and then share it on social media using #KnowAML, you will appear on our activity wall.

Download materials

3. Share it

A series of social media graphics and animations have been developed for AML World Awareness Day 2019 and beyond.

Graphics – share the official campaign infographics, facts and figures on social media to show your support #KnowAML.

Animations – share our high-impact AML animations on social media using #KnowAML.

Download materials

4. Mark it

AML World Awareness Day falls over a weekend this year, so make sure you organize a way to mark it with your colleagues, friends, family and local community. Why not mark it by hosting a RED & BLACK event locally?

Please share how you marked it with us across social media #KnowAML

Activity wall

Join our activity wall by simply tweeting your awareness efforts with a photo and use the official #KnowAML hashtag

If you don't have much time but would like to show your support, please share the prepared tweet below: