AML World Awareness Day 21 April 2019

Who We Are

Know AML is steered by a collective of patient leaders, professional representatives and industry supporters dedicated in supporting patients, carers, families, and healthcare professionals in AML.

Know AML has a dedicated and highly experienced global ambassador group who meet regularly to steer and guide the initiative.

The Know AML ambassador group includes representatives from the following AML communities: patients, families, specialist nurses, patient advocacy representatives, leading AML physicians and official Know AML supporters.

Find out more about each of our official ambassadors below:

Know AML is facilitated by Scientific Education Support (SES), who love nothing more than building communities and networks to improve education through collaboration, ensuring that patients have access to the latest support and treatment options.

With open-access and science-driven global initiatives, SES provides evidence-based disease education through multichannel communications. The purpose of SES is to provide credible education in any therapy area where there is an unmet educational need.


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Special thanks

Know AML would like to thank our professional societies and industry partners. We are proud to be supported by the following organizations:

Professional Societies

Official Supporters


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